Sunday, November 22, 2009

What my ovaries have stolen from me

Of course my slacker ovaries can be said to have stolen many things from me over the years. The easy to name stuff, like a spontaneous sex life, a romantic TTC journey, and not feeling about 10 years older than I am due to their response.

But, more specifically? Recently? My slacker ovaries have stolen two important things from me.

First, I have to endure the much longer 2ww that comes with an IUI cycle. I was so looking forward to the shorter, 9 day wait, after an IVF embryo transfer. My RE doesn't do a beta until 16 days after the IUI. But since my IUI was done on a Friday, and 16 days after that is a Sunday, I have to wait until Monday, 17 days after my IUI.

(not that I'm going to make it that far; my period will come long before Monday December 7th. But still.)

Secondly, because my IVF was converted to IUI, I didn't get to have the four days of bed rest that I was so (pathetically, I know) looking forward to. I know that going under anesthesia and having a needle put through my delicate ladybits wouldn't have been fun. I'm aware. But I was *so* seeing the brightside of having a few days of bedrest. Days where I wasn't allowed to do anything but lie around and read and watch TV. A few days seemed like a nice amount of laying around time; enough time to decompress and chill out but not so much as to make me want to go crazy. It felt like pampering.

Did I mention that my birthday was last weekend? (38. Painful. Enough said.) My wonderful husband bought me three books that I was really looking forward to reading, specifically because he knew I had those days of bedrest coming up. And I bought myself a little gift too - two seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD.

I think I'll try to find a way to make it up to myself, like with a trip for a mani/pedi or by going out to a movie or something.

Stupid slacker thieving ovaries.


  1. First of all, happy belated birthday! :)

    I can totally sympathize with how you feel. Just another couple of side effects of IF. Hang in there and I'm glad you ended up going through with the IUI.

  2. just reading your blog really for the first time....and am commiserating from cyberland. I had a similar IVF experience back in 2007. We didn't do the consolation IUI prize, and I've always wished we would have. So even if it doesn't work, you did everything you could do!

  3. What a total bummer!! I'm sorry you had to go through all the poking and prodding and didn't even get the good relaxing part. :P I hope you did find another way to pamper yourself.

    And happy belated birthday!