Saturday, November 14, 2009

Progress - Follicle check # 2

I'll start this with a gentle warning: if you don't approve of cursing or it in any way offends your sensibilities, this blog might not be the place for you today.

I was psyched for my follicle check today. I finally stopped bleeding yesterday, so I was looking forward to seeing how my lining is growing. And, although I've felt some mild tenderness in my ovaries for the past couple days, today was the first day that putting on pants hurt. A great sign! So of course, I was dying to see how those eight follicles were looking, and how many more I might have cooking in there.

My lining looks great - getting lusher day by day, and is currently 7.8mm. Aww, yeah. Now onto the follicle count. He starts on the right side, where last time I had three. He says to his assistant, who is taking notes, "twelve." Twelve?! Shit, how could I have gone from three to twelve?? No wonder my ovaries are so tender and swollen. Then he moves from right ovary to left ovary, where a couple days ago I had five. He says, "eleven..... [big pause here] ... and twelve." Wait a minute. Wait a fucking minute. It starts to sink in. He's not counting them, he's measuring them.

Three. That's how many I have. Fucking three.

He turns on his gentle voice. "That's right, there are three." I'm speechless, and then this voice in my head goes off, telling me to ask something, anything, because I'm going to want to know later what the hell this means. Ok, so I ask him - what happened to the eight that were there just two days ago? He said there are still plenty there, but they're not growing the way these three are. Now I move in with The Big Question. What does this mean? Dr. Gentle replies, "IUI."

Still in his "I hope she's not going to cry" voice, he tells me to keep my dosage the same (because why the fuck would we increase it now, those others clearly have no shot of catching up) and come back on Monday. He said there's always a chance that we'll get a nice surprise on Monday morning, so don't count anything out.

Sure, because my body has often surprised me in a good way. Right.


  1. I'm sorry. That just sucks. I am thinking of you and sending you lots and lots of good thoughts.

  2. Oh no! Why did those 3 stupid follicles have to go and show off!? I'm sorry your body is not cooperating. Hoping for better news on Monday.

  3. Well, crap. ^&!^*@!

    Oh, the frustration you are feeling right now... I'm pissed for you too.

    Thinking of you....

  4. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I'm so sorry to hear that there isn't a gigantic bunch. Trying to think of something comforting to say, but GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR just seems to sum it all up.

  5. Crap. Yes, that says it. I'm so sorry to hear that your body didn't cooperate. Let us know if you need anything.