Monday, September 28, 2009

The worst belly shot email ever

My mom sent me an email with this subject line: Baby bump pictures.

Oh lordy, you know it ain't gonna be good. Why did I even open it?

It's my mom's friend's wife AND his grown daughter, both sporting 7-month pregnant bellies. My mom said, "Look, my friend Joe is gonna be a new dad, and a first-time grandpa, all within the same month!" There are about eight photos, all varying poses of happy maternity. Mom and daughter are looking blissfully down at their own bellies in one shot, looking sweetly at each other's bellies in another shot, and of course all possible variations of holding their own and each other's bellies.



  1. Oh, man.. I think I'm gonna hurl!

    My mom does this, too, even though she's otherwise understanding and supportive of IF struggles. It's the worst blind spot. Sorry! :-(

  2. Oh GAWD. It reminds me of "Father of the Bride: Two" which is one of the worst movies EVER. Sorry you had to witness that.