Thursday, September 3, 2009

Next up: hope and longing

Can we just assume that the mood swings are due to the raging hormones? And that this is all good? And that I'm not really a lunatic but rather a typical woman undergoing her eleventy billionth cycle?

Ok. Good. Now that we have that settled.

Tomorrow is CD10, and I go back for another follie check and blood work. Yesterday, CD8, I had three decent looking follies, and a nice lush uterine lining of 9.7. Since I tend to trigger around day 11 or 12, I'll probably know tomorrow when the IUI will be this weekend.

Other than follicle growing, stirrup straddling, and sperm hosting, I have no plans for the long weekend. I am beyond thrilled.

Happy early Memorial Day!


  1. I think we should designate a happy sitrrup straddeling day! We should get an extra day off work for dealing with this crap!

  2. If you have the need for an IVF cycle in the future (I hope not!) then at least you get a couple days of "hope and lounging" after the embryo transfer. Ha ha. Sorry for your not-so-festive holiday weekend. Hope you squeeze in some fun and sun.