Thursday, September 24, 2009

There's always something

I called my clinic today and spoke to a nurse, the one who runs the IVF orientation that I need to attend. I told her that we wanted to take this cycle off, and move right into IVF next cycle. She was kind ("oh, I'm so sorry this one didn't work" and even a "jeez, that really sucks"), and then she said, "wait, what day are you?" I'm CD6 today. "Oh, I really wish you had called earlier this week." She explained that they need to do the mock transfer early in the cycle prior to starting IVF, and her tone really made it sound like it's too late.


To quote Adam Sandler in "The Wedding Singer" .... that's information that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY. (Or, rather, during my last cycle, like "Yo, make sure you call us right away if you get your period, because there are steps that need to be taken early in your cycle.)

So she's going to discuss me during their next clinic meeting, and they'll come up with a protocol and a plan. She said it's "probably ok" that we missed an early window for the mock transfer this cycle, and they can probably figure something else out. Then she added that we really want to move forward now, if we're going to make this happen in 2009, because the only time they close down the lab all year long is around Christmas time, so I need to jump in Oct/Nov.

I seriously hope this doesn't get pushed back. Any words of encouragement?


  1. Encouragement? Hmmm.. my clinic doesn't even do "mock transfers" because they are bunk. Your uterus/cervix can change shape/position anytime, so there's no use in a test run. That's not helpful, right?!

    Okay, they're putting you on the pill for a month before stims, right? To speed things up, I always beg them to do tests during the month of pill. We don't do the mock thing, but there is a uterine saline ultrasound (to visualize the shape of the uterine cavity) which they agreed to do while on the pill. Why not, duh!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can get started soon and avoid any bullshit delays. Good luck!

  2. I've already done the sonohysto-something (the saline sonogram), but they said the mock transfer is different. And, she said, the pill is a maybe - depending on my protocol.

    Lol at it being bunk. :)

  3. They can make something work! It's not like the mock transfer couldn't be fit in some other time during the cycle. No worries!

  4. UGH! That is SO ANNOYING! (Although I did have to laugh at your Wedding Singer reference.)

    It sounds like they are really going to try to work with you. Hang on, hopefully it will all be just fine.

  5. I can only imagine how frustrating that is! At least you can still get in before they close down for the holidays...and you could have a summer baby :)