Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Seriously, we can fertilize eggs and grow follicles in a lab setting, but we haven't figured out how to cut out the 2ww entirely? I bet there's a solution somewhere, but they're hiding it. You know, *they* are. Bastards. Isn't it entirely silly and backwards that we start really hoping and praying (and getting superstitious, like being afraid to "jinx" things) towards the end of the 2ww? Shouldn't that all happen right around ovulation, because once it happens, it's all sort of said and done. Even though we don't know yet what exactly has been said or done. Yes, there are things that can go wrong of course, but generally if the egg and sperm aren't a perfect match right from the get-go, then there's no sense in hoping .... not to mention cutting out caffeine or ibuprofin.


I'm waiting fairly patiently. I'm sort of not feeling it this cycle. I don't know why that is exactly. I mean, I'm doing my normal dance between being positive that this cycle worked and being positive that I'm headed for another AF, but the negative feelings are outweighing the hopeful ones. I'm 11dpo today, and my only other injectibles cycle ended after a 12-day LP, so I will know for sure by Thursday. And really, if my LP is going to be 12 days again, then tomorrow I'll start spotting and feeling cramps. If I don't have any of those signs by Thursday morning, I'll pee on a stick.


So for now, I'll continue to wait. And I'll continue to try my damndest not to pee on any stick I happen to find lying around the house.


  1. Okay, because I like you, I will share with you the ONLY way to know if you are pregnant before a positive pee stick or AF.

    Click here: http://magic8ballonline.com/8ball/

    This is our little secret.

    And GOOD LUCK! These last few days are killer. Waiting with bated breath...

  2. You're right about the 2ww. There ought to be a law! Maybe they'll work it into this health reform thingy.

    Good luck distracting yourself. May I offer my favorite website for mommy-and-toddler amusement:


    Take good care of yourself.

  3. Sunny, there's something not right about that website - have you tried it today? At first it shows me the 8 ball and a space for a question, but then the screen changes & it's a close-up pic of someone (who I feel like I should know) singing. ?? *They* must have discovered your secret, and are in the process of bringing it down. See, they're out to get us. Grrr..

  4. Thinking of you while you wait!

    I do distraction old-school style, "Solitare" on the PC. It's an oldie but goodie.

  5. hope you get to pee on the stick. Good vibes for you