Thursday, August 13, 2009

Follie update

I had another follie check yesterday, and I now have two nice little ones cooking. One at 17mm and one at 18mm. And the best part: one is on each side. I triggered last night, and the IUI is tomorrow.

I love the notes the doc wrote for me, so I wouldn't forget any steps:



7am - dropoff
9:30am - IUI

Of course I brought the note home. "Look, honey, we gotta do it, doctor's orders!" Ah, doctor prescribed sex. Ain't it the best kind?! (Not that sex makes babies in my situation, of course, but I don't want any bases left uncovered.)


  1. LOL - that is too funny. I think my doc called it "intercourse." Romantic.

    Super duper good luck with the IUI!

  2. Hah! I always laugh when the doctor orders sex. It's so absurd. I remember one time a nurse calling after one of my early clomid cycles telling me to go home and have sex, in fact, it sounded like there might be bad traffic, so I should leave work now (it was 2 in the afternoon). I couldn't figure out how to tell my boss that the doctor was ordering me to go home and get it on, so I stayed those extra hours.

    Good luck with the IUI!! I hope it all goes swimmingly.