Thursday, August 20, 2009

6dpo, and why my RE sucks

At 6dpo, I have to say I am feeling pretty darn ok. Considering that my only other injectibles cycle was filled with pain, nausea, and general exhaustion, I am one happy infertile.

Let's talk now a little about the 2ww, shall we? The 2ww is how long again...? Oh, that's right, it's TWO friggin weeks. Oh but not at my RE. Noooo, no no no. They're way too special for that. At my RE, they schedule a beta at 16dpo. But when you have your IUI on a Friday, and 16dpo falls on a Sunday, when do you think they'd schedule the beta? Next Friday would be 14dpo, but nooooo, that's too soon for my RE. And of course why would they clog up their clinic on a weekend with a little old, lowly first beta? No, they schedule the betas for Friday IUIs at 17dpo, which would be the Monday two and a half weeks after the IUI. Seriously, 17dpo. Why not just wait a few months and see if I grow a bump? That'll cut down on all the unnecessary betas.

Want to know why else my RE sucks? They don't call me with progesterone results. C'mon, everybody knows that's how you can tell how "well" you ovulated. But noooo. It's all "no news is good news!" and "you won't hear from the doc unless there's a problem!" from them.

I'll leave you (for now) with this PSA for all you moms out there: Don't make a joke to your over-tired (waking up at 5am, nap skipping) 2-year old, a half hour before bedtime, that there are no M&M's for potty time tonight. That "joke" won't go over well, I promise you.


  1. Hey, don't joke about the M&Ms with me, either! ;)

    Actually, both of the RE's I went to (in St. Louis for my son then here in Seattle this go-round) don't do betas unless you get a positive HPT. Then they get you in as soon as possible, but still. Are you going to test early at home? If you got a positive at 13 DPIUI, would they take you on Friday?

  2. Yeah, you got a crazy early beta, didn't you? No, oh no no no, my place would have no such thing. In fact, my first month there, I asked the nurse why they wait until 16dpo, and she said it was to make sure the HCG from the trigger is out of your system, so that it's a true result. "Oh," I said, "I will be peeing on a stick long before 14dpo I'm definitely late, so that's when I'd probably feel safe doing it." She replied with a very stern, "But the problem with that is that the HCG would still be in your system." Really, at 14dpo? I call shenanigans.

    I guess they want to cut down on long LP's and chemical pregnancies by holding out a few days. So, even if I POAS at 14dpo, they ain't having it.

  3. p.s. I will talk of this no further. I'm pretty sure that I am jinxing myself to high heaven by talking so much of betas and making it to crazy far out days like 16 or 17dpo.

    ((skulking away so as not to attract any more attention of the jinx-gods))

  4. Don't worry. I'll distract the jinx-gods by calculating my baby's due date if my next cycle works. **counting weeks in my head** Okay, you're safe.

    P.S. Thank you for commenting on my blog. We newbies have to stick together!

  5. Yeah, my first clinic won't even do a beta unless you get a positve HPT or you beg and beg and beg and then they do it but write a note in your chart about how crazy you are...not that I'm um speaking from experience or anything...