Sunday, July 26, 2009

My new cycle resolutions

in no particular order...

- I will exercise every day, even if it's just a walk around the neighborhood after I put the kiddo down for bed. I will bring my gym clothes to work every day, in hopes of fitting in a real workout most days of the week.

- I will eat *fairly* well. By well, I mean I'll add more fruits & veggies as snacks, as well as yogurt and nuts. By fairly, I mean that I'll allow myself the occasional hershey's kiss.

- I will allow myself to stay home from work the day after the IUI, if I'm feeling as crappy as I did last cycle.

- I won't overly analyze everything that happens, and Dr. Google will not be consulted. All that jackass does is get me riled up unnecessarily.

- I am going to use up the two spa gift certificates I have. The first - a full body massage - I'll schedule for sometime towards the beginning of the cycle, before my ovaries get too sore to lay down on my belly. The second is for a facial, so maybe that will be during the 2ww. I've been dying to use these, and my husband doesn't know why I'm saving them.

- Yoga. I freaking love yoga. I don't do it nearly enough - probably because I only get the full effects by going to a class taught by a professional. The DVDs at home aren't usually as wonderful, but it's better than nothing. So to that end, I'm going to start looking for classes locally, and if I can't find them I will settle for doing it on my own.

The food and exercise related resolutions have already been put into action. I just need to be vigilant about keeping it up all next month, to minimize the discomfort and weight gain from bloating. I'll start this week on the yoga project.

How does that sound? Too strict? Anything else I can add? I haven't been charting, but my period should come in about a week or so. I'm sad to say that I've lost a grand total of two pounds on my month of healthy eating and exercising. Ugh. So I just need to do what I can for the next couple weeks before I start stimming again, because I really don't want to take another month off.


  1. That list sounds AWESOME!! I need to follow that myself. I've only been to two yoga classes, but I *loved* them. It was hot yoga. I lost TWO POUNDS in TWO DAYS just from going to class after dinner instead of having ice cream. Go figure. :) Unfortunately I can't really afford to keep them up, and care for the kiddo is always a problem. Ugh. Ice cream it is.

    Oh, and I am *waaaay* jealous of your spa gift certificates!

  2. Good for you. I have been meaning to take a yoga class. I have never done it before but finally decided that i should try it for my anxiety. I am a new visitor. If you get a chance, check out my non profit website and blog. WE need help spreading the word.