Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Infertility pants

This is my new idea; I think it could be a big hit. Picture it: you're stimming, and maybe you've gained a pound or three, or maybe not, but your ovaries are swollen and painful. None of your pants fit. What's a girl to do? Wear jersey-knit dresses every day? Go to work in yoga pants? Not an option. Ok, so you're off to the mall, figuring that this is just another IF-related expense, and daring to hope that one day these will be your early maternity or even post-partum pants. You try on pants in the next size up - still too tight around the waist to be comfortable. The next size after that fits fine around your waist, but they're droopy and huge in the butt. Not very attractive or comfortable.

My answer: infertility pants. I mean, if you've been pregnant or have seen maternity clothes, you know that those early pregnancy pants would suit your stimmed-up belly just fine. But really, who wants to walk into A Pea in the Pod in the middle of a cycle to buy pants? How humiliating. That's where infertility pants come in. No, there won't be a huge market, but it'll be an important market. And instead of a big pregnant belly icon on the tag, there'll be a pic of needles and hershey's kisses.

Who's with me?

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