Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Santa's coming

That's how excited I am. Seriously. I had my bloodwork and ultrasound yesterday, and got a script for BCPs, which I started last night. Later yesterday afternoon, the nurse called me with a tentative schedule and protocol.

Here the plan:
BCPs from Monday 10/26 through Wednesday 11/4. (10 days)
Monday 11/2: Semen freeze (Just in case. And of course I made an inappropriate joke to the nurse here about it being a good thing that I wouldn't have to bribe the janitor for a sample if my husband couldn't do it that day for some reason.) Also doing the mock transfer and the whole "IVF orientation" on this day.
Friday 11/6: Bloodwork and ultrasound
Sunday 11/8: start stims. I'll be doing a combo of Gonal-F and Menopur. Husband will also start meds then too. Some antibiotic, and something else I didn't write down. Anyone know why he'll be on an antibiotic?
Tuesday 11/10: bloodwork
Thursday 11/12: bloodwork and ultrasound
Probably daily visits from this point until ER
ER will likely be the week of 11/15. Happy birthday to me! :)

I can't believe this whole thing will be over - one way or the other - by the end of November. Crazy talk.

Is it terribly inappropriate that I'm looking forward to the valium on transfer day?

And is it even more inappropriate that I'm already thinking I'll take that pill anyway, even if my cycle is cancelled for some reason?


  1. Thanks for making me smile! I knew that periods could bring on the excitement! It's go time!

  2. I just got my schedule yesterday - I'll be having ER around 11/25.

    I like Valium too. :)

  3. Did they only give you one valium? Damn!

    I am so excited to be along for the ride. PRAYERS UP!

  4. Here from Mel's Un-Game. I hate bugs too!!

    Best wishes to you for a successful cycle! (And how have I not found you before?? I am also experiencing secondary infertility and try to find women in the "same boat.") I'll be checking back in with you! :)

  5. I could have used a valium yesterday. Damn, I didn't get one.

    I'm glad everything is falling into place for you!!

  6. Hope you're enjoying the BCP! That part of IVF never fails to amuse me. Gonal-f and Menopur is a great combination. Hope it goes well for you!