Sunday, October 4, 2009

An infertility free weekend

We had a nice weekend, the kiddo, the husband and I. A couple of trips to the park, a stop at Panera, some take-out chinese, a pizza (wait, did I cook this weekend? Not a whole lot, in retrospect), a weird but kinda funny movie ("My best friend's girl"), and a nap or two. A stupid, where-did-it-start argument with the husband, which I'm happy to say seems to have passed. Oh, and the kiddo officially knows who Bob The Builder is. Guess who he wants to be when he grows up? Not just any builder, but Bob. "Um, kiddo, your name isn't Bob." He gave me a funny look, and an "um" (yes, he says "um" when he's trying to make something clear for me.... guess where he got that?). "Um, mommy, I'm going to be Bob. On TV. With a big steam roller!" All in all, we had a low-key and nice couple days.

We're in this weird sort of place, infertility-wise, since we're waiting out this cycle and ready for a big change next month. I'm excited to get rolling with IVF, but of course we didn't want to miss a chance to get things going on our own this past week or so ... even though I've given up hope that I'll be one of those You Never Know people.

I probably have about another 10 days this cycle. Have I mentioned I hate waiting?

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  1. Bob makes a lovely nickname for him to use, though, should he decide to go the builder route. :)

    Hope the next 10 days pass quickly!