Friday, October 9, 2009

Really, ovaries? Really??

For the love of all that is good .... my temp has *still* not gone up.

Please help me figure this out.

To recap, I have about 30 cycles of temps on fertility friend, and my temps usually fall into very similar pre-O and post-O ranges. So even though I'm not charting full time anymore, at any point during any cycle, I can take my temp and know whether I've ovulated yet, if my period is about to come, or what. (And yes, I know, sometimes there are variations, fluctuations, what have you, that would render a single temperature unusable, but in general, this information has been helpful over the past year or so.)

I'm on day 21. My cycle is usually only 26-27 days (sometimes shorter), and I tend to ovulate around day 12. I started temping about a week ago, just to confirm that I had O'd, and so that I could predict when my period would come. (My temp tends to drop the day before my period, so it's a nice warning.) My temp has been firmly in the pre-O range. Today it fell even lower.

Here are the possibilities as I see them:

1. I am having my first anovulatory cycle.
2. I'm still going to ovulate, just way later than usual.
3. My thermometer is broken.
4. My pre-O temps were a full degree lower than normal this month (I just don't know, because I wasn't temping), so what I'm seeing now is really post-O but still just lower than my typical range. (Is this even possible? In all my months charting, my temperatures have always been very predictable. Pre-O: 97.2-97.7 and Post-O: 98.2-98.7. They have been firmly at 97.5 for the past week.)
5. I'm a nutcase and should just shut the hell up.

Any thoughts? Advice? Feedback? Could the fact that I've been hopped up on stims for SIX out of the past eight months be messing with my normal cycle?

I know, I could have bigger problems in my life than having to wait until 2010 to do IVF. I know this, I promise.


  1. It's been a long time since I busted out the thermometer. lol.

    The reality is it can be any of the first 4 scenarios. And, you are not a nutcase.

    I can tell you from experience, that I attempted to go back to charting after I had 2 medicated IUI's... and my cycles were all over the place. I always was a 28 day girl, but I swear the meds played with my body. After the two IVF cycles, they even got more wonky (probably because my cycle was being altered to much).

  2. Man, I wish I could tell you!! Do you *feel* like you've ovulated? Five days before my AF, my boobs would be hurting and I'd be ramping up into full beotch mode. On my annovulatory cycles, I wouldn't get nearly the symptoms.

    Fingers crossed that your thermometer is broken!